The Power of Anonymity

Keeping with this weeks theme of Courage comes the word Anonymous.

Why Anonymous you may ask, well its pretty simple, that one word can make or break a persons perception of courageous.

On one hand it can give a voice to those who are to afraid to speak up

On the other hand it allows trolls and mean spirited people to say and do what they want.

The introduction of the internet has garnered many a milestone in terms of allowing access to billions of things and with that Anonymity gained more power than ever before. people were blogging and talking about themselves in new ways, finding like minded people in chatroom’s and other places and just talking for hours with someone halfway across the world who they would only know by a screen-name or gaming Avatar.

Don’t get me wrong being able to voice my issues from behind a computer screen is a rather empowering thing but i couldn’t do it if i was being completely honest with myself and whoever reads this. I hide enough in my personal life as is, cowering behind walls i constantly put up to block other people from finding out who the real me really is. I now have a platform where i can boldly shout that i am Matt and i have horrible mental stability, and with that platform id like to do something in which i hope and feel can help someone, even if its only one person (myself included) ill have succeeded in what i strove to do here.

But why mister random guy on the internet, why should we listen to you and your words. It’s simple really, you don’t have to listen to me, for all intents and purpose i’m the equivalent of some random guy shouting his head off in the middle of a packed city. Most people will ignore me and just continue with there daily lives, some may even look towards me and give a foul grimace, but just one person may stop and strike up a conversation.

Why though am i talking about anonymity so strongly while i also talk about how i wont use it for myself, Again its quite simple, its for all of you who wish to talk and tell your stories of fighting against your issues, losing a battle and having a horrible day week or even month because of it, or just being available for those who wish to talk. As i stated in the previous post i would like this whole thing to become a community for those who need a safe place to talk and be heard in hopes of bettering one’s own self and ill be right there with ya trying to do the exact same thing.

So with that i leave my email address at the bottom you can reach out whenever your ready to share. you can give your name or you can remain anonymous the choice is and always will be yours. If you dont want to publicly share on the website but would still like to talk my inbox is always open.

With that ill be ending this post and in case i don’t see ya good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight

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