Courage doesnt mean fighting alone

Hello everyone, Matt here from the Nonsense network. As the statement on the top of the page shows id like this to be a place where people can share stories, hardships, Helpful ways to overcome issues and much more.

this blog is going to be a bit of a diary of sorts where ill be venting my own issues and insecurities on you all, or to the void that is the internet. My hope is that eventually other people will share and open up even if its a little bit, we all know its hard confronting our own shortcomings, And i hope that we can form a community to help each other in need. It’s a big dream for some random person on the internet to have but it’s still a dream id like to see happen.

That all being said the title of this post is a bit of a theme for this week. Initially i wanted to record this, a voice can be a powerful tool, but i just couldn’t work out the nerves so i figured id would write this out instead. For anyone who listens to our content or talks to use on social media you may have noticed a lot of sporadic tweets and lack of content, at least on the nonsense side of content.

There has been a lot of issues happening behind the scenes that snowballed and escalated to where words were said, feelings were hurt, and friendships strained for lack of a better word. i have been dealing with a lot emotionally these last few months…………. ok so like the last half a year really. In doing so i dropped away from a lot of people in my life, and i hid a lot of issues happening with myself from family and my Significant Other. In fact she still doesn’t know the whole extent of everything that has happened as she has been dealing with a lot of her own anxiety issues and i’ve been trying to be her rock.

But in doing so, sitting in that silence and being in my head for much longer than i logically should have, i broke, like pretty damned hard. I’m actually shaking trying to type this out cuz thinking back on it still scares me honestly. In trying to deal with my own demons of anxiety, depression, isolation, and self-hatred, I took action and tried to right some issues i was facing, i reached out to my podcasting partner and it went about as horribly as it could have, no pointing blame or finger pointing it was handled horribly on both sides and it just made that well i was in just look darker and deeper.

I wont lie i am still struggling with this as i write this, it hasn’t exactly gotten better and i have been wanting to start this blog/ community to help talk out my own issues. maybe bring in outside views, something, anything really, but starting this has been the hardest thing i’ve attempted at the moment. Just letting it all out in the open and hoping for the best isn’t something i’m great at.

i’m cutting this post short there because ill do a deeper dive in the coming weeks and or months however long it takes to just voice it out.

I am however opening the floor to all of you, if you’d like to write out your story or even record it ill be leaving my email address at the end of this post as well as the intro to the page. if you’d like to share it with the page let me know in the message and ill post it on the blog, if you’d like to stay in private and just have an outlet or someone to talk with my inbox is always open.

But and this is a big but, if you’re feeling worse or anything like that or know someone who is at the end of this post ill be posting the numbers and everything for hotlines you can call.

Remember having courage doesn’t mean you face it alone, it means you reach out and ask for help when your beaten down. Words I myself need to live by as well.

My email is, the proverbial door is always open for those who want to talk and share their story. Lets join together and just help someone who needs it, all it takes is an ear to listen.

as for the harder things

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Call 1-800-273-8255

Available 24 hours everyday

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