An Introduction to the Guides!


      WE ARE HERE!!!!! AND WE ARE...... AWWEEEEEESSSSSSSSOOOOOMMMMMMEEEEEE!!!! My name is Simon Farrell joined by Kamilah Jones and we are the adorable husband and wife duo. Also you're guides to the world of wrestling!!!!

Simon: I have been a fan of pro-wrestling for years now. I started watching when I was a kid (with Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Rock). There was a time that I left, around the PG Era (rise of John Cena) but I slowly came back after my brother said it was getting good again. And he was right. Through that interaction, I rekindled my obsession with wrestling. I also started my relationship with Kamilah right around that time as well so I started showing her the show. And to my great surprise, she got into it. She had the suggestion of starting a podcast about explaining things that can be confusing in wrestling. So I did and I put her here with me as a co-host. And a few years later, we got married and became the adorable wrestling duo!  
            Besides wrestling; I'm also a fan of comics, manga, video games, and other nerd things. I'm also a guest on the d&d podcast; Dungeons of Nonsense. 

Kamilah: I'm a fairly new fan of wrestling as of a couple years ago thanks to my husband having me tag along to Wrestlemania screenings. I saw WWE's RAW when I was younger, specifically Triple H marrying Stephanie while she was passed out haha I was like what the heckie is this? And the fight was so slow I couldn't get into it like say, a boxing match. Now I see that there's both good stories and bad stories in this curated fighting show. When I grew to love it, I realized that I was approaching it all wrong as a viewer and without a guide I wouldn't have seen that. That's why I thought a podcast explaining different parts of wrestling would be a useful endeavor.   
                Besides my interest in pro wrestling, I'm a designer for my illustration brand Hard Decora in Chicago. I love dressing in quirky fashion styles and you can follow me instagram @hard_decora.

 Simon: So that's a bit about us and just to let you guys know. We mainly focus on WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). In the future hopefully we can cover some other companies like Lucha Underground, Ring of Honor or New Japan Pro Wrestling but WWE is the easiest to view as well as the one we started with. 
        If you would like to contact us you can hit us up here or go to our facebook page, Hitchhiker's Guide to Wrestling ( 
       Stay tuned Hitchhikers and remember. Don't Panic.