New feature!!!! Game!!!!!! Show!!!!! well whatever we have something new!!!!!!1

Well, sorta. We here at Dawn of Nonsense have been discussing and talking and planning a new show for the website that we think people will enjoy. Now granted it is in no way professional but we're trying our best and we're having fun which in the end is all that matters. 

With that i would like to proudly present


we are beyond excitied to be doing this and quite frankly are having to much fun. 


So i guess a little explanation is expected here, Our three main characters are Fish out of water in the most literal sense. Brought to a Battle planet By a god named Obris they find themselves confused, unarmed, and severely outmatched. How will they make their way through this new world filled with different Species and magic and a lack of technology! 


Our Characters include 

Stephanie- She is played by the lovely Stephanie Mided, she is a comic artist and a pretty rad one at that. you can find her Webcomic Jet Black over on tapas orrrr you can just click the link here ->  


you can find her on Instagram at Noctart, here is a bit of some of her art!

Next we have Daimon- He is played by the uber cool and not at all super nerdy Daimon Hampton. He is an artist as well as a Comic artist. his webcomic Holdmedown can be found on this very website, as well as tapas which is actually farther along then on this website. You can find it here at this link ->

You can also find him on his own website and on his instagram Coolmonkeyd and here is some of his work..... granted its all over our site but im showing it anyways.

Last we have Ferris- he is played by the very well bearded Ferris Deinparvar.......... while he is rather nerdy and loves D&D, unlike the other two he doesn't do the whole art thing so instead of showing off his art we have this lovely little explanation section.  

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