Webcomics!!!! And stuff.......

Hello and welcome to blog post two. Now i know what youre thinking. Youre thinking oh man whats matt going to review this time. Well to answer your question nothing. I plan to talk about some stuff. Amd if you werent thinking the above statement.....  Well then good..... For.... You?....


Anyways, as some of you may have noticed the site has changed a bit. The homepage has buttons to other parts of the website. Do you need to use them, no, but they are aesthetically pleasing and i like them. As well as the addition to the full part one of daimons comic Hold Me Down and his new little short Oh! Valencia, the latter of which he qill be selling over at chicago zine fest this weekend of may 6th( if youre so inclinded to go and support his awesome art as well as others) 

What some of you may not know is that i too am writing a webcomic, well two comics. Noe at some point in the future whether its near or down the road it will be on this site as well. Im sure by that point this site will have evolved into something awesome as well as our podcasts. So there is something to keep us entertained while i slave away at a comic thay hopefully someone other than me will enjoy.

I wont lie and im sure anyone who write comics can attest to, but dialouge is hard. Granted im kind of a hermit and daimon can agree, my social anxiety keeps me from exactly sharing in fun party like enviroments and hangouts. So for me having dialouge between a close knit group of people is a bit of a struggle, it may be easier for some and to them i say you rock and keep it up. Now i know youre all probably thinking "matt why dont you just act it out, or use the models you build and play the scene" and to that i would kindly respond to i try, and im making some head way. In fact part one of my comic is in its first draft.


So progress... Yay..... And all that good stuff. 

Yeah, i dont know, i just felt like i needed to rant a bit. Hopefully me and daimon can be a bit more acrive on the blog aspect, and super hopeful that we can do podcasts more than just once a month. Well all know how life gets in the way of things and that cant be avoided, so to you all who actually come here and enjoy the podcasts, the webcomics, and probably even this blog.

We thank you and hope you will keep liking our content. 

Your Nonsense creators 

Matt Daimon.