Persona 5!!!!!

So, like the massive slew of people who already have reviewed this game and gave it well deserved glowing reviews, i feel like i should at least weigh in on the topic, if not just a little bit.  

So where to even begin with this game. I mean the art is fantastic, the score is this mix of jazzy, popish, and just all sorts of goodness. The combat is fluid, and the story is just so damned engrossing.  But before i just ramble on here, lets break it down a bit. 

Lets start with the artwork. This game is so stylishly fun to look at. The menus in this game are just as detailed as the rest. The amount of love and care that went into what and how this game looks is just mesmerizing. During the fights the UI is clean and styles like the rest of the game but also kind of has a chaotic and fast look to fit the actual game-play pretty well. The cut scenes, well the big cut-scenes at least, are animated and super well done and from what i heard there is an anime for the prologue of the game so that will need to be checked out as well. Art i would give a solid 10 out of 10

The music in this game is rather enjoyable as well, which is a great thing because you will be listening to the same song quite a few times. Now don't get me wrong if you stay in a location long enough the music changes and you will rarely hear repeat songs in an area but the starting music when you enter an area is the same. At least it has been for me so at this point who knows. Now i know i said jazzyish and popish for the music and i'm not sure if i explained it exactly right.  If you think of shows like cowboy bebop and other shows that have a jazzy soundtrack its a mix of fast paced, smooth jazz, and like somber kind of music.  From what i have experienced so far its all be very upbeat jazz and some pretty cool rock inspired stuff for the fight music which just amps up the feeling during battles.  Music i think id give a good solid 8 of 10. 

As for the story, woo boy where to start, its told by the main character in an interrogation room. So essentially you're playing the flashback which you don't see often in video games so its nice to have a different viewpoint. As for the story itself, so far its been pretty solid, it focuses on your main character and his friends who go by the Phantom thieves as you traverse the shadow world to get justice on overall shitty people. Now i've only made it about like 10ish hours into the game and may i say it is probably the longest tutorial level i have ever played but its hard to look at it like that as the story you follow has you so engrossed in what your playing you kind of forget that's what it is.  The big part of the game though is playing through your life. Trying to time manage between going to school(raising your knowledge stats), part time jobs( to earn money) and hanging with friends( to gain cool abilities to use while in the shadow world) plus a lot of others. It sounds like so much to take in but its rather intuitive and doesn't slog down the game because you want to get to know your friends, their stories are just as good as the main story, and improve your own skills as well. Do i want every single jrpg to be like this? No, not really, mainly because the persona games have made this a staple to how you play their games and they have made it amazing this time around. So for that i can easily say 9 of 10 on story.  Its not perfect mainly because i need to play the rest of the game, but so far i love it.

Ok so i know i didn't cover the fighting in this review and i did that solely because i feel like this has gone on for a very long time.  But over all i would give this a good solid 9 of 10. I still have a lot more to play and i'm itching to play more. Hopefully if i can beat it in under like 100ish hours i can give a final verdict. I highly highly suggest picking this game up if you have a ps4.  

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