Possible changes.

So as things grow and expand, and we decide we can do cool new stuff we hit an impasse do we keep one site or grow to two. 

Now Daimon and I have been having disscussions and i'm more partial to having two very clean and show oriented sites and Daimon is more partial to one unison site. Now nothing offical has been figured out so details to come on that front. 

We are however going to split into two different twitter accounts so this way we can keep dungeons and nonsense more D&D oriented and The podcast more entertainment oriented. It's more for me to keep things separated since i am the one who runs well..... all the accounts.

this journey has been quite the exciting ride and quite frankly we would like it to continue, so were just ironing out how things will be.  Things will be added and removed and hopefully for the better. first big change the Reviews page has been deleted and may get retooled or just scrapped but granted no one ever actually looked at it so its not a loss. 




Ok so to be a broken record.......... details to come. 

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